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Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Monument Fund Donations

Donations can be made by credit card online at the State of Michigan e-Store. Clicking on the link below will take you directly to the Official State of Michigan e-Store donation page for the MLEOM Monument Fund. Donations can be made in increments of $10.

Please read these instructions carefully or print them out for easier reference before proceeding:

Click on the “Michigan e-Store” blue box in the middle of the page.

Enter the amount you would like to donate in the “Amount (USD): $” box.

Click the “Donate Now>” box.

If you have donated or purchased items through the e-Store and created an account, fill in the “Email Address” and “Password” fields and click “Sign In” and follow the prompts to donate.

– Or –

If you prefer, you can Continue as Guest by clicking the “Continue as Guest” button.

The shopping cart in the upper left hand corner of the screen should reflect “1” item in the Cart. If your donation is complete, click on the “Cart” in the upper right hand corner.

If you would like to make another donation, you may do so now by entering another amount in the “Amount (USD): $” box and continue until your donations are complete. When ready to check out, click on the “Cart” in the upper right hand corner.

Verify your donation amount(s) and if accurate, click the “Check Out” button.

Proceed to fill out the required fields on the Shipping Addresses – Detail page and click “Save”

Click “Next” or, if needed, add in a separate shipping address.

The Michigan eStore Payment Request form should display and will take you through the Payment Information screen. Hit “Next” when all required fields are complete.


To make a donation offline by credit card, please call (517) 241-4083. Send checks or money orders to:

Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Financial Services
, Cashiering Unit
Law Enforcement Memorial

P.O. Box 30681
Lansing MI 48909-8181

Michigan Law Enforcement
                                      Officers Memorial

Memorial Tax Deduction

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Memorial Monument Fund Commission

For site inquiries, contact:
Webmaster (at) MLEOM.org
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